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ProEssence OÜ is the exclusive distributor of Prontomed GmbH (Prontomed and Prontoman), Ocean Pharma GmbH (Spirularin and Skinicer), Rufus Kozmetik and distributor of Royal Denta cosmetics/products. And that's not it - we will certainly become even bigger!

We are located at: Paadi tee 3, office 341, 3rd floor, Haabneeme, Viimsi, Estonia, 74001

PS: Please note that it is Haabneeme, because Paadi tee 3 is also a location in Tallinn.

We often take part in fairs and exhibitions. The largest exhibition where we always participate is the IluMess beauty fair, which takes place in autumn and spring. You can learn more about our participating in Instagram or Facebook, or subscribe to our newsletter and we will let you know where, when and at what times we participate, because there are always discounts and new products at fairs and exhibitions!


Here is a brief overview of the various products we offer:

The Prontoman series was made for professionals, pedicure and manicure masters, as well as for home use. People recognize this series because of the popular Prontoman Spray or the Prontoman Protect trio. This product line has established itself as a successful adjuvant in the fight against fungal infections of the skin and nails. Suitable for people with diabetes, psoriasis and allergies.

The Prontomed series has special cosmetics for the care of problematic skin of the face and body. The Prontomed line has products that significantly relieve irritation after insect bites, relieve inflammation after any hair removal and help get rid of herpes on the lips and in intimate areas. The most popular and loved products from Prontomed series are herpes gel and gel/spray for skin with acne. Allergy sufferers and diabetics can use these products because the main components are salt and water (an electrochemical process).

In the Spirularin series the products are based on Spirulina microalgae extract. The Spirularin series has nail serum, one of our most popular products which with regular use makes the nails look great, even after serious problems such as fungal infections of the nails.

In the same series there are Spirularin Mousse and Mousse+ foams and Spirularin Gel in different volumes, which deeply moisturize and protect very dry and problematic areas of the skin, with the help of Spirulina microalgae, which creates an invisible protective film. Spirulina accelerates the recovery of already infected cells and prevents the re-entry of new viruses into the cells. This is especially noticeable when using our cream against warts and papillomas (Human papillomavirus HPV) - Spirularin VS.

The Skinicer series has everything you need for your face - for different ages and for different skin types. Spirulina is also present in this series. The Skinicer series offers its own lipsticks, which, thanks to Spirulina, protect the lips from ultraviolet radiation, do not dry the lips, and contribute to a person's own collagen production. Lipsticks are very high quality, very convenient to use and provide a pleasant feeling on the lips. We and our customers cannot describe this sensation, but they say that this is the best lipstick they have ever tried!

Rufus Kozmetik, cosmetics created by a wonderful master - podologist from Turkey Liliia Barakhova-Yilmaz, who knows exactly what your skin needs! Collagen and nail oils with Rosemary and Thyme scent are designed to nourish and restore the nail plates after injuries, or various diseases, including mycoses. These products are without a doubt the most beloved and popular. In addition, the series contains creams for legs and hands with menthol, beewax and argan oil. Rufus Balm will take care of skin with cracks, and it can also be used on lips, in case dryness or peeling. The bonus is that the balm has a very pleasant smell of strawberries.

Royal Denta offers something fantastic for oral care! Toothbrushes and toothpastes with particles of silver and gold, which have an antibacterial effect - kill pathogenic bacteria, prevent the formation of plaque, protect against caries, remove bad breath, and restore the natural color of enamel.

We offer the Royal Denta "Go!" set with two brushes, with two protective caps for brushes, one paste and a squeezer for paste, so that you can use everything that was in the tube without a trace.

Different colors of brushes, with silver or gold bristles, also add here the possibility of choosing the softness of the bristles - this will please the most demanding people on the topic of oral hygiene.
Not every toothpaste can boast that after using it in the evening - in the morning you will still be fresh!

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