Skinicer Repair Mask 40ml

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Skinicer® Repair Mask 40ml:


Aside from the patented active extract from microalgae, Spiralin®, the Skinicer® Repair Mask contains willow bark extract for a gentle, natural exfoliation of debris from the skin and for shrinking the pore size. Hamamelis likewise has an astringent (constricting) effect, providing additional balance and relaxation for the skin. The plant-derived active ingredient allantoin promotes the skin’s natural healing processes. The concentrated application of the active substances achieves a combined active substance-based impulse and its stimulating and blood circulation promoting effect is also noticeable during the use. The skinicer® Repair Mask does not contain any synthetic preservatives, silicones and mineral oil-based ingredients. The mentioned plant extracts and oils originate from controlled biological cultivation.

Apply 1-2 times a week and keep on for minimum 15-20 minutes. Remove leftovers of substance from skin using water

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